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modest: [adjective] placing a moderate estimate on one's abilities or worth. neither bold nor self-assertive : tending toward diffidence.

modest / ( ˈmɒdɪst) / adjective having or expressing a humble opinion of oneself or one's accomplishments or abilities reserved or shy modest behaviour not ostentatious or pretentious not extreme or excessive; moderate decorous or decent Derived forms of modest modestly, adverb Word Origin for modest

Define modest. modest synonyms, modest pronunciation, modest translation, English dictionary definition of modest. adj. 1. Having or showing a moderate estimation of one's own abilities, accomplishments, or value: was too modest to talk about his success. 2. a.

[more modest; most modest] 1 : not very large in size or amount Despite its modest [=somewhat small] size, the city has many things to offer tourists. They own a modest home near the beach. She enjoyed modest success with her singing career. [+] more examples 2

marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful adjective not offensive to sexual mores in conduct or appearance Synonyms: decent conforming to conventions of sexual behavior coy, demure, overmodest affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way decent observing conventional sexual mores in speech or behavior or dress

modest adjective (QUIETLY SUCCESSFUL) tending not to talk about or make obvious your own abilities and achievements: Although an outstanding scientist, he's a modest man. modest adjective (CORRECT) (of behavior and clothes) correct or socially acceptable, representing traditional cultural values

The definition of modest is someone or something that is humble or shy or not extreme. An example of modest is a person who doesn't easily take their clothes off around others. An example of modest is a simple house. adjective 4 1 Having or proceeding from a disinclination to call attention to oneself; retiring or diffident.

modesty: [noun] the quality of not being too proud or confident about yourself or your abilities.

modestly [ mod-ist-lee ] See synonyms for modestly on adverb reflecting a moderate or humble estimate of one's merits, importance, etc.; not boastfully:He modestly puts all of his success down to timing.

mod e st, modestă adjectiv. 1. Care este lipsit de îngâmfare. DEX '09 DEX '98 DLRLC DN. 1.1. prin extensiune Moderat, cumpătat în purtare, în pretenții. DEX '09 DEX '98 DLRLC DN. sinonime: cumpătat decent moderat nepretențios simplu. format_quote Își dezbrăcă blana și o atîrnă modest lîngă soba de fier. C. PETRESCU, A. 280.

Modest Defi Yield LLC Excel Known Addresses for Modest Defi Yield LLC 44030 11th St ELancaster, CA93535 Advertisements Corporate Filings for Modest Defi Yield LLC California Secretary of State Advertisements Source California Secretary of StateData last refreshed on Monday, December 20, 2021

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Modest definition: A modest house or other building is not large or expensive . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Modest relationships reflect the connection between the marital state and sexual behavior. Modest behavior respects the boundaries of intimacy that are imbedded in our natures by the natural law and the principles of sexual behavior laid out in Divine Revelation. Modesty ensures and supports purity of heart, a gift that enables us to see God ...

DeModest is one of the best brands for online women's modest activewear and sportswear. Buy modest workout clothes online for the latest and trendy collection of modest sportswear for women.

Modesty means being able to wear appropriate clothing without being too revealing, and at the same time keeping you casually cool and effortless chic while comfortably confident in your own skin without relying on your outfits.

5. Curve - Best DeFi Crypto Exchange for Stablecoin Trading. Rounding off our list of the best DeFi crypto exchanges is Curve. Those who invest in cryptocurrency regularly will likely have heard ...

Modesty is the quality of a person's being that is demonstrated or shown by his/her moderate and unassuming style of dress and behavior. Modesty is most commonly associated with how a person dresses, particularly that of women or girls, but it is a broader virtue of one's personality. It is similar to humility as it is expressed in one's behavior.

For more details on BlockFi's offerings, please read The Modest Wallet's full BlockFi review . Features Offers crypto-collateralized loans with a minimum amount of $10,000. Accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and PAXG for collateral. 50 percent LTV Ratio for crypto collateral. APR as low as 4.5 percent ( plus 2 percent origination fee ).

Modest and decent have overlapping semantic ranges. They can mean the same thing, but do not always. To further confuse things, they might get used in the same situation to highlight slightly different aspects of a thing. Modest can mean behaving in a way that does not draw attention to oneself, of which clothed in such a way that it conforms with sexual norms is a specific case.

Adverbs frequently used with modest. comparatively, fairly, quite, rather, relatively, suitably, surprisingly, very. 3. feeling shy or embarrassed about other people seeing your body. Synonyms and related words. 3a. modest behavior or clothes are intended to avoid causing sexual feelings in other people: used mainly about women.

In spite of initially modest DeFi market capitalization, it has grown exponentially through the summer of 2020. By injecting decentralized governance and peer-to-peer access mechanics, all on-chain inclusive and incorruptible, the institutional landscape of DeFi is rapidly spreading, taking over, morphing and synthesizing the institutions of ...

Terra and Fantom have rebounded in the last seven days but overall DeFi TVL's uptick is modest. DeFi 2.0 is Dead, Its Spirit Lives on in Fantom ve (3,3) DeFi Videos, DeFi Weekly / By Robin Schmidt / January 21, 2022 / DAG, DeFi, DeFi 2.0, Directed Acyclic Graph, ETH Killers, Fantom, FTM, video, Web3 DeFi2.0 is dead.

About CeloLaunch. In spite of initially modest DeFi market capitalization, it has grown exponentially through the summer of 2020. By injecting decentralized governance and peer-to-peer access mechanics, all on-chain inclusive and incorruptible, the institutional landscape of DeFi is rapidly spreading, taking over, morphing and synthesizing the institutions of traditional finance.

According to data from DeFi Llama, the DeFi Crash has wiped $33 billion off the ecosystem's total value locked (TVL) and as much as $161 billion since the year started. Some of the most ...

What is CeloLaunch (cLA) ?CeloLaunch (cLA) success of DeFi applications has been remarkable since their introduction, and although being limited at first,

Investigating DeFi on Terra: Despite Terra's modest DeFi ecosystem, there are a few notable initiatives that have a good chance of becoming the network's "blue chips." Unlike many other projects, Terra's top protocols provide novel DeFi solutions without duplicating Ethereum's most popular applications. 1.TerraSwap 2.

Ethereum funds have been undergoing a modest recovery after witnessing 11 weeks of continuous outflows. Ethereum's native token, Ether (ETH), is down nearly...

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