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1 a : of, relating to, or based on the liberal arts liberal education b archaic : of or befitting a man of free birth 2 a : marked by generosity : openhanded a liberal giver b : given or provided in a generous and openhanded way a liberal meal c : ample, full 3 obsolete : lacking moral restraint : licentious

a person of liberal principles or views, especially in politics or religion. (often initial capital letter) a member of a liberal party in politics, especially of the Liberal party in Great Britain. OTHER WORDS FOR liberal 1 progressive. 7 broad-minded, unprejudiced. 9 beneficent, charitable, openhanded, munificent, unstinting, lavish.

liberal noun [ C ] us / ˈlɪb·ə·rəl / liberal noun [C] (POLITICALLY LIBERAL PERSON) a person who thinks the government needs to make new laws when necessary because of changing conditions and who believes that the government should provide social services: Liberals in Congress support the bill.

liberal ( ˈlɪbərəl; ˈlɪbrəl) adj 1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) relating to or having social and political views that favour progress and reform 2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) relating to or having policies or views advocating individual freedom 3. giving and generous in temperament or behaviour 4. tolerant of other people

Politically, it means ""a person who believes that government should be active in supporting social and political change." Liberal can be traced back to the Latin word liber (meaning "free"), which is also the root of liberty ("the quality or state of being free") and libertine ("one leading a dissolute life").

1 a [more liberal; most liberal] : believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change : relating to or supporting political liberalism a leading liberal thinker liberal politicians/policies She is a liberal Democrat who married a conservative Republican. — compare 1 conservative

#1: Liberal, adjective, non-political. Stating using a large dosage of something or having mostly nonrestrictive views about issues such as sex or religion. Example: I used a liberal amount of sugar to make those cookies. I am fairly liberal when it comes to what Church I go to. I am liberal and venturesome in the bedroom.

a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties.

liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics. Liberals typically believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed by others, but they also recognize that government itself can pose a threat to liberty.

The key difference is that liberals believe in more conservative practices when it comes to the economy. Leftists believe the government needs to play more of a role in the economy. For example, liberals believe that there should be more tax breaks for the wealthy and less government oversight overall.

Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on the rights of the individual, liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law.

The key is belief in government not as the problem but as the needed counterpoint to over-concentrated power — to level the playing field, as progressive presidents from Teddy Roosevelt to ...

Define Liberal (politics). Liberal (politics) synonyms, Liberal (politics) pronunciation, Liberal (politics) translation, English dictionary definition of Liberal (politics). n.

A liberal is someone on the left wing of politics — the opposite of a conservative. Also, a liberal attitude toward anything means more tolerance for change. There are many meanings for liberal, but they mostly have to do with freedom and openness to change. A teacher with a liberal policy toward attendance is going to be forgiving of missed days.

While the liberal arts definition does include humanities and soft sciences, it also encompasses physical sciences and mathematics. The key element in defining liberal arts is the intent to combine practical, concrete information, like data and statistics, with theoretical knowledge, like ethics and philosophy.

Each leftist movement has its own beliefs and ways to change the world. Social progressivism is a very important concept in most movements inside the left side of politics. LEFTIST. LIBERAL. Leftists are people sided with the left-wing politics; There are a lot of left wings movements; Every left-wing movement has its own way of seeing the world;

Liberal (What's The Difference?) The primary difference between a libertarian and a liberal is the way in which they view the government. A libertarian believes that the government should have minimal involvement in economic and social policies. They believe that the government coerces society too much.

This return to liberal ideas, generally called "neoliberalism," crossed party lines in the late 20th century, with U.S. President Bill Clinton's "New Democrats" and U.K. Prime Minister ...

Liberal democracy is the combination of a liberal political ideology that operates under an indirect democratic form of government.It is characterised by elections between multiple distinct political parties, a separation of powers into different branches of government, the rule of law in everyday life as part of an open society, a market economy with private property, and the equal protection ...

Franklin D. Roosevelt along with his New Deal coalition introduced social-liberal platforms promoting social justice. Today, the Democratic Party is made up of progressives and centrists, and a small percentage of conservative Democrats. The Democratic Party's ideals are based on modern liberalism principles. It believes that it is the ...

Modern liberals are likewise concerned with freedom and equality, but they favor the use of a strong central government to protect people's rights and expand their opportunities. In particular, liberals support regulation of the economy and social welfare. Conservatives are skeptical of deliberate change to the status quo.

Diffen › Politics The epithet conservative or liberal is used to describe political and economic views and affiliations. The meaning of "conservative" or "liberal" could be different in different contexts - social, economic and political. They also differ in usage in different countries and over time. Comparison chart Social Issues

A liberal individual is responsible; on the flip side, a democrat is social. Liberal is an open market; however, a democrat is market regulation. Liberal is for a balanced budget, although democrat is against a balanced budget. Liberal is intended to mean open to all learning and free; on the other side, democracy is only citizens casting.

Liberal definition: Someone who has liberal views believes people should have a lot of freedom in deciding... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Liberal construction means a legal concept instructing parties interpreting a statute to give an expansive meaning to terms and provisions within the statute. The goal of liberal construction is to give full effect in implementing a statute's requirements. See RCW 90.58.900. Sample 1. Based on 1 documents.

The answer, in my opinion, is no - there is a fundamental difference when it comes to core economic issues. It seems to me that traditional "liberals" in our current parlance are those who focus on using taxpayer money to help better society. A "progressive" are those who focus on using government power to make large institutions play by a set ...

Each political party, political faction, or coalition on the left or right in U.S. and world history, who forms around any issue or ideology, can be subdivided into conservative, moderate, liberal, and progressive or radical factions. Each party can also be given an overarching conservative, moderate, liberal, and progressive label, and each ...

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